DIY Clay Hammering Exercise

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The Montessori Clay Hammering Exercise is so intriguing to toddlers but comes at a high cost, at around $70 for the tray. You can make your own very quickly and easily for about $15 by following the below instructions.

What You’ll Need:

  • One three compartment desk organizer – $6.80 @ Amazon Link -or- $7.99 @ Bed Bath and Beyond plus you can use a coupon link
  • 1lb of Plastalina Clay ($3.69 Hobby Lobby, make sure to use a 40% off coupon too!) – Link
  • One bag of mini golf tees ($3 Walmart) or any golf tees you already have work just fine too – Link
  • A small wooden hammer ($2.50 Montessori Services)- Link


  • Open the plastalina clay and place in the middle compartment of the desk organizer. Use your fingers to work the clay into the space.
  • Open golf tees and place around 10 of them in the right compartment of the desk organizer.
  • Place the hammer in the left compartment of the desk organizer.
  • Present on shelf


  • Introduce your child to the work.
  • Pick up one tee from the right compartment.
  • Use your dominate hand to hold the hammer, and your other hand to guide the tee into the clay.
  • Demonstrate using the hammer to hammer the tee into the clay.
  • Demonstrate removing the tee and returning it to the right compartment.